Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Giving Thanks & Sharing Treats

Every Thanksgiving, I have more and more to be thankful for. Sometimes it has been a year filled with many small blessings. Sometimes there have been larger blessings. This year, I am thankful for the greatest blessing of all... my beautiful, happy, healthy daughter.

It has been an amazing five months so far and there is no way to quantify the amount of happiness and love this girl has brought me. We all know there are challenges and difficulties that come with a newborn baby, but the pleasure is absolutely worth any pain. For every sleepless night, there are many more days filled with joy. For every spit up on your shirt, there are endless smiles and giggles. For every cry there is a hug. And for every single thing you may have lost in your previous life, you gain a lifetime full of new adventures and joys waiting to be discovered. In a way, becoming a Dad has felt like I was born all over again myself. It has been stressful and scary at times, and I needed to learn to crawl before I could walk, but in the process I have realized what a wonderful life I have ahead of me now... and I am tremendously thankful for that gift.

Of course, there are many other things I am thankful for, too. I give thanks for my entire family, from my loving parents, to my incredible brother and sister-in-law, to all my aunts, uncles, and cousins who add so many riches to my life. I include loved ones lost, like my grandparents, who I believe continue to stay with me and watch over me. I give thanks to my wife for all her support, love, understanding and... well, it is a long list! I am thankful we have this opportunity that allows me to be home raising our daughter. My education, my home, my faith, my country, and the men and women who defend it... all reasons to give thanks. My gratitude extends to the basic essentials of life such as clean water and the food on my table, to the intangible pleasures like my sense of humor and passion for Boston sports. If I wanted to, I could easily fill this blog with a never ending script of reasons to give thanks... but I won't.

Instead, I will simply wish you all a very happy Thanksgiving and ask that you make a real and genuine effort to recognize all the blessings in your own life this year. Sometimes I truly believe we have become far too negative and pessimistic as a society. Complaining about our jobs, finding fault in others, and picking apart our own lot in life with a critical, fine-toothed comb has become far too habitual for far too many. I am not pointing fingers with condemnation here, since I am often guilty of this myself. This is not entirely bad, either, since it can often grow into a positive, motivating force for us to do better or aim higher. Sometimes, though, dwelling on those imperfections and frustrations in our life causes us to overlook the abundant blessings. We focus on the few bad apples and lose sight of the wonderful orchard that still surrounds us. Take a breath, look around, and give thanks for all those things, big and small, that you may have taken for granted in the past.

Along these lines, I invite everyone reading this to leave a comment below, sharing something (or many things) that you are thankful for this year. I think we will find we are all unified in our gratitude.

Finally... the treats! I could not come to this virtual Thanksgiving table without offering a couple treats for sharing. Enjoy them with my best wishes for a great Thanksgiving with the ones you love...

The famous turkey giveaway from 80's sitcom WKRP.
To set it up, the radio station wanted a special promotion
for Thanksgiving so they arranged for a
unique turkey giveaway at a local shopping center.
The clip begins with Les Nessman reporting live from the giveaway. It never gets old... always funny. 

And this one came to me a few years ago,
and still makes me laugh every year.

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  1. I grew up in Michigan, so Thanksgiving meant watching the Detroit Lions lose year after year. Although the Honolulu Bue and Silver will always be my team, after last Sunday how thankful should all New England be to watch one of the best play for the hometeam. I am very thankful for my life which is too full of children, noise, and messes, but i would not trade it for anything, and for my wife who helps me battle those three things. (unsuccessfully) Have a great thanksgiving!